Overcome your Fear. Trust your Instintcs. Teamwork and Tenacity. Then all is possible.

My attitude is that no matter what one makes of such things, they must have a touch of adventure in them. There must also be a degree of risk and uncertainty. That is what makes us different. In my world risk is something one works on and plans around.

As an entrepreneur, I have tried being there the whole way, for better and for worse. This has provided me with knowledge that I gladly share with others today.

My passion for mountain climbing first started in 2006. Mountain climbing has always fascinated me. However, I first began doing something about it at a relatively late age, which is something I have never regretted. The entire journey, reaching the goal and the “kick” standing at the top of the mountain gives is an incredible experience.

Mountaineering has taught me that there are an incredible number of parallels between it and being an entrepreneur, something I can benefit from in my daily work and life.

"To achieve success as an entrepreneur it requires that one is focused, determined, has the necessary energy and spends the necessary amount of time. The same conditions apply within mountain climbing"

My business journey

  • 2014 – dd: Business Development Hemp&Me Holding Limited
  • 2007 – 2016: Business Angel, consultant and work on the board of directors
  • 2012 – 2015: Business Development of GenoKey
  • 2012 – 2014: CEO of GenoKey
  • 2007 – 2009: Director and main shareholder of Celenia Software
  • 1999 – 2007: Managing Director and main shareholder of  Celenia Software
  • 1992 – 1999: Founder and Managing Director of Hotcom Informatik (Product Software path separated in 1999 as an independent company, Celenia Software)
  • 1990 – 1991: System Consultant at PC&C Gmbh (Navision Software distributor in Germany)
  • 1987: Electronic Technician
  • 1985: Mechanical electrician
  • 1981: 10th class school leaving examination
  • Mountaineering, Adventure, Endurance training, Strength training, Running, Mountain biking

My mountaineering journey

Seven Summits Guinness World Speed Record 2008 (136 Days)

  • Denali(Mount McKinley) – Alaska, 6194m, West Buttress, June 2008
  • Everest– Himalaya Nepal, 8850m, Southeast Ridge, May 2008
  • Elbrus– Russia, 5642m, Normal route, May 2008
  • Carstenz Pyramid Papua, 4884m, Normal route, March 2008
  • Kilimanjaro– Tanzania, 5895m, Shira, March 2008
  • Kosciuszko Australia, 2229m, Normal route, February 2008
  • Ancongagua– Argentina, 6962m, Normal route, February 2008
  • Vinson Antarctica, 4897m, Normal route, January 2008


  • Mont Blanc – France, 4810m, Bosses Ridge route, September 2007
  • Kilimanjaro Tanzania, 5895m, Shira route, September 2006
  • Mont Blanc France, 4810m, The Three Mont Blancs route, June 2006
  • Kullen Sweden, various routes, May – August 2007
  • Kebnekaise– Sweden, cold-training , December 2007